At the Sustainable Social Computing lab at the University of Pittsburgh, we research the interplay of technology and society in terms of
  1. how social computing systems can be studied, designed, and implemented to more effectively achieve the goals of their different stakeholders; Here are some examples of our group research projects in this area * Wikipedia work
    * Keyang's work
    * Di's work
    * Pranut's work
  2. what role these technologies play within different communities and how individuals and communities are effected by them. Explore the following projects to learn more * Rosta and Claudia's work in studying hyperlocal online communities
    * Cyberbullying work
    * Rosta's work on Tangible privacy
  3. and how social technologies are utilized by different communities and individuals, specifically with respect to how digital gap and established inequalities can contirbute to inequalities on the social technlogy platforms